Writing Business Emails in Brazilian Portuguese

In this post, I’ll show you the standard openings and closings of business emails in Brazilian Portuguese and you will also learn how to say you have something attached to an email.


If you’re addressing a man, you can use the word Prezado  followed by the abbreviation of Senhor (Sr.), followed by the persons name. And here it doesn’t really matter if you use the persons full name, just the surname or even just the first name because Brazilians don’t give that much importance to the use of surnames.

If you’re addressing a woman you use the female form Prezada followed by the abbreviation of Senhora (Sr.) followed by the person’s name.

👉 It’s very common in Brazil, even in business situations, for things to become informal quite quickly so don’t be surprised if the person you wrote to replies starting their email with an informal greeting, like Oi John! for example.


With regards to the closing of business emails in Brazilian Portuguese the way I recommend is to use the word Atenciosamente, the equivalent in English of Sincerely.

And again, it’s quite common for Brazilians, even after just a few emails exchanged, to start signing off with Um abraço, which means ‘a hug’, or the plural Abraços, hugs.


Now let’s have a look at how to mention that you are sending something attached in emails in Brazilian Portuguese.

You need the verb seguir, which means to follow  and the adjective anexo, which means attached.

Let’s see an example:

O documento segue anexo.

Os documentos seguem anexos.

A foto segue anexa.

As fotos seguem anexas.

👉 Notice that, because anexo is an adjective, so it needs to agree in gender (masc. or fem.) and number (sing. plural) with the noun it refers to.

Another way of mentioning you have attached something to the email is to use the expression em anexo, which directly translates as in attachment. This expression is invariable, so you don’t have to worry about changing it.

O documento segue em anexo.

Os documentos seguem em anexo.

A foto segue em anexo.

As fotos seguem em anexo.


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