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Oi, tudo bem? I’m Fernando, nice to meet you. I create content (videos mainly) teaching colloquial Brazilian Portuguese.

I believe learning a language should be fun, so my mission is to teach you Brazilian Portuguese while making sure you’re enjoying learning it.

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Understand Brazilian Portuguese - Fernando Nonohay - Fun With Brazilian Portuguese

How to Understand Brazilians

Do you find it hard to understand Brazilians when they speak? In this post, I’ll show you how to improve your listening skills and how to watch Brazilian films to maximise your learning.

Fernando Nonohay pointing at FICAR to as a feature image for the post 4 Meanings of the verb FICAR - Brazilian Portuguese verbs.

4 Meanings of the verb FICAR

Learning the verb ficar will take your Portuguese to the next level! In this post we’ll see the four main meanings of the verb ficar.

Feature image showing Fernando Nonohay pointing at the verbs ser and estar


Confused about when to use ser and estar? Both mean ‘to be’, but in this post you learn the key differences between them.