The secret to make Brazilians like you… instantly

Brazilians love when a person from another country speaks (or tries to speak) Portuguese. If you approach them speaking Portuguese, you will immediately get them on your side.

There are three main reasons for this:

1. You’re not assuming they speak English – you’d be surprised to know that the majority of Brazilians don’t speak English (it’s estimated that only 3% of the Brazilian population is fluent in English).

2. You’re not assuming they speak Spanish – some Brazilians will actually take offense if you speak to them in Spanish, they might see it as a sign that you don’t respect their individual identity within Latin America.

3. You’re making an effort to learn their language, even if just the basics – Brazilians normally find it unusual for people from other countries to want to learn Brazilian Portuguese so when they meet someone who is at least trying to speak their language, they absolutely love it.

After you take this course you will…

1. Be able to start a conversation with a Brazilian with confidence, by learning the key phrases and structures that are part of everyday, colloquial conversation (with downloadable PDF notes), such as

• Greetings

• Saying How are you?

• Introducing yourself

• Saying Thank you

• Saying Goodbye

2. Speak ‘real’ Brazilian Portuguese by learning some crucial pronunciation tips and tricks that will make you sound more fluent.

3. Understand Brazilians better, by knowing the most common phrases used by Brazilians in colloquial conversation and how they actually speak in real life (as opposed to contrived course book conversation examples).

4. Be more likable to Brazilians by showing that you can speak some important everyday phrases in Portuguese, not having to immediately resort to English or Spanish.