Jeito and the Little Brazilian Way

The word  jeito has quite a few meanings. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. jeito:

talent, aptitude: Eu não tenho jeito para música.

(I have no talent for music).

way, manner

2. dar um jeito

to manage/to find a way to so something
Ela nunca estuda para os exames, mas sempre dá um jeito de passar.
(She never studies for the exams, but she always manages to pass).
find a way to fix something
O meu computador está quebrado, preciso dar um jeito nele. 
(My computer is broken, I need to fix it).
to do something about something
Eu decidi dar um jeito na minha vida. 
(I decided to do something about my life).
3. de qualquer jeito 
at any rate, anyway
Eu não fui convidado para a festa mas vou de qualquer jeito. (I wasn’t invited to the party but I’m going anyway).
4. sem jeito 
Eu fiquei sem jeito quando ela me elogiou. 
(I felt awkward/embarrassed when she complimented me). 
5. jeitinho / jeitinho brasileiro
Jeitinho and jeitinho brasileiro are both expressions that express the idea of getting what you want through “unconvencional” ways, i.e. breaking the law/rules or social convention – this has a negative connotation because it suggests taking unfair advantage or even using corruption. 
However, the expressions can also have a positive connotation, implying the use of creative, unusual and inventive skills to get something, to solve your problems, without breaking the law or affecting others in a negative way.

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