Brazilian Portuguese podcast

Welcome to Forbidden Brazilian Portuguese Podcast, where you learn words and expressions that you can’t find in conventional course books. 

Learn funny insults, swear words, sex slang, pick-up lines, etc. And more importantly, when it’s OK and not OK to use them! 

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#7: Let’s talk about SEXO

In this episode you will learn the most common Brazilian Portuguese slang for sex.

#6: All about the PINTO

In this episode you will learn 5 different slang words for ‘penis’, as well as some related expressions and adjectives.

#5: Cocô, xixi, peido e arroto

In this episode you will learn how to say ‘pee’ and ‘poo’ in Brazilian Portuguese, what to say when you need the toilet , and we’ll talk about burping and farting as well!

#4: Ai, p****! | Swearing When in Pain 

Learn the most common words and phrases to swear in Brazilian Portuguese as a response to pain, from the mild ‘Ai, droga!’ to much stronger ones!

#3: Quiz with Weronika Lizek 

FWBP Member, Weronika Lisek, puts her knowledge of bad Portuguese words to the test!


#2: Que bunda gostosa! 

Brazilians are obsessed with the butt! In this episode we talk about the most common word for it – bunda – some common expressions and similar words. 

#1: Introduction | What to Expect

Find out how the idea of Forbidden Brazilian Portuguese podcast came about and what to expect from it.


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