Expressions with “papo”

Papo means crop, pouch, craw :  the part of the throat in many birds where food is stored before going into the stomach;  Some common expressions with the word papo are:

papo = chat, conversation Tive um papo muito legal com a minha amiga ontem. (I had a very nice chat with my friend yesterday.)
The verb is either bater papo or papear. Fiquei horas batendo papo com a a Maria. (I spent hours chatting to Maria.) Eu gosto muito de papear com ela. (I like really like chatting to her.)
Someone who is a nice, agreeable person to talk to is described as a bom papo. Nós conversamos muito, ele é um bom papo.
(We talked a lot, he’s a good chat.)
If someone is good at chatting or likes to chat you can say that they are bom de papo. Eu gosto de conversar com ela, ela é boa de papo. 
(I like talking to her, she’s good at chatting.)
papo-cabeça = intellectual talk
It can be used as an expression or as an adjective to describe someone who likes intellectual chats.
Eu tive um papo-cabeça com o Gilberto Gil.
(I had an intellectual chat with Gilberto Gil.)
Aquela menina é muito papo-cabeça para o meu gosto.
(That girl is too much of an intellectual to my taste.)
papo-furado idle talk Promessas de político são sempre papo-furado. (Politicians’ pledges are always idle talk.) Also used as an adjective:
Não confie nele, ele é papo-furado. (Don’t trust him, he never does what he says he will.)
The opposite of papo-furado is papo-firme. (a talk/promise you can trust, or someone who does what they promise.)
sala de bate-papo = chat room

 estar no papo  = certain to be won or achieved O time to Brasil está muito bom. A Copa do Mundo de 2014 está no papo! (Brazi’s team is very good! The 2014 World Cup is in the bag!

ficar/estar de papo para o ar = to lead an idle life, not do anything. Fiquei o domingo inteiro passado de papo para o ar. (I stayed the whole of last Sunday doing absolutely nothing.)
falar/reclamar de papo cheio (also: barriga cheia) = Literally: to complain with a full belly.
to talk / complaint about something without having reasons for it.
Ela é muito rica mas sempre diz que não tem dinheiro, reclama de papo cheio.
(She is very rich but always says she doesn’t have any money, she has no reason to complain.)
de grão em grão a galinha enche o papo 
 Literally: “Grain by Grain the chicken fills her crop/belly.
Little by little the bird builds its nest.
Little strokes fell great oaks.

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