Chocolate eggs in a basket to illustrate the post Easter in Portuguese

Easter Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese

In this post we’ll look at some words related to Easter in Portuguese.

But before we look at some examples of some vocabulary related to Easter in Portuguese let’s test your knowledge first by playing the game below – you need to copy the phrase, from the out-of-order list under the quiz, that you think matches the picture and paste it in the box. Then click on ‘check’. After you’ve played the game you can check the list of words related to Easter in Portuguese with examples in English located under the quiz. Boa sorte e Feliz Páscoa!

Ovos de Chocolate / Sexta-feira Santa / Feriado da Páscoa / Ressurreição de Cristo / Ovos de Páscoa / Feliz Páscoa! / Coelho da Páscoa / Domingo de Páscoa / Caça aos ovos / Missa de Páscoa


ovos de chocolate – chocolate eggs

Quanto ovos de chocolate você ganhou nessa Páscoa? / How many chocolate eggs did you get this Easter?

sexta-feira santa – Good Friday

O que você vai fazer nessa sexta-feira Santa? / What are you going to do this Good Friday?

feriado da Páscoa – Easter holiday

Nesse feriado de Páscoa nós vamos para a praia.  / This Easter holiday we’re going to the beach.

ressurreicao de Cristo – Christ’s ressurrection

A Páscoa representa a ressurreição de Cristo / Easter represents Christ’s ressurrection

ovos de Páscoa – Easter eggs

As crianças adoram receber ovos de Páscoa. / Children love to receive Easter eggs.

feliz Páscoa! – happy Easter

Desejo a todos vocês uma feliz Páscoa! / I wish you all a happy Easter!

coelho da Páscoa – Easter bunny

Muitas crianças acreditam no coelho da Páscoa / Many children believe in the Easter bunny.

domingo de Páscoa – Easter Sunday

Nesse domingo de Páscoa vou ficar em casa descansando. / This Easter Sunday I’m going to stay home resting.

caça aos ovos – egg hunt

Vamos fazer uma caça aos ovos no nosso jardim para as crianças do bairro. / We’ll have an egg hunt in our garden for the children from the neighbourhood.

missa de Páscoa – Easter Mass

Muitas pessoas foram à missa de Páscoa hoje de manhã. / Many people attended the Easter Mass this morning.

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