Welcome to my imaginatively titled ‘About’ page!

I’m not very good at talking about myself, but for your amusement I’m going to awkwardly write about myself in the third person!

“Fernando was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He first came to England in the early 90s, after he graduated from university to do a teaching course. Since then he has been teaching, translating and interpreting Brazilian Portuguese. He has a degree in Marketing and Communication Studies, as well as translation and interpreting qualifications by the Institute of Linguists, UK. Teaching is his passion and he is proud to have taught Brazilian Portuguese to staff at the BBC, British Airways, Sotheby’s and Fine Line Film Distribution, amongst others. If you would like to read his full CV, this is his LinkedIn profile page

Now, I leave you with some lovely testimonials from previous clients and students:

Fernando helped me with translations for my website annikahallguides.com from English into Brazilian Portuguese. He did an excellent job and delivered exactly as promised.
Annika Hall
Blue Badge Guide
It was a real pleasure to work with Fernando on an English/Brazilian Portuguese language-learning publishing project. He is fast, reliable, knowledgeable, always available for questions. I wouldn't hesitate to ask him to work on future projects.
Elise Bradbury
Freelance content producer
Fernando is an excellent teacher, both of practical, day-to-day conversational Portuguese and of more technical grammatical or literary aspects of the language. I unreservedly recommend him for any level of students and for both business-related and private teaching
Matthew McCabe
Senior Vice-President
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