AX – accents and special characters made easy

One of the problems I’ve always had using UK computers is the difficulty of adding accents when typing on the internet. If I’m using Word it’s not too bad, since there are a set of shortcuts hat makes it relatively easy to add accents. But that still leaves me with the hassle of having to write the text on Word first and then copy and paste it onto internet pages (gmail, facebook, online forms, etc). I know that there is a way of changing the set up of my keyboard but that would still leave me with having to memorise shortcuts. But this week I got a great tip from a new student of mine of an easier way to insert accents and special characters: an application called AX (click here to be taken to the website where you can download it). Once opened with the desired target language selected (it does 18 languages!) it allows you to type the letter normally, then toggle through the accents with a (selectable) function key. So, if you want to achieve á, for example, you just type a, then hit F8 once (twice for â, three times for à, and four times for ã) – it’s much easier than trying to remember complicated shortcut combinations!  So, students, listen up: from now on, no more homework without accents!

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