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Oi, tudo bem? My name is Fernando and this is my website Fun With Brazilian Portuguese – or FWBP for short!

Here you will find lots of materials that will make it much easier to learn the language while having fun with it, such as:

Videos and posts showing you how Brazilians speak in real life, all the quirks of colloquial, everyday Brazilian Portuguese expressions, pronunciation, slang and grammar.

Brazilian songs with the original lyrics and their English translation – with an explanation of interesting expressions used in them.

Quizzes to test and expand your vocabulary. 

Enjoy FWBP!


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Understand Brazilian Portuguese - Fernando Nonohay - Fun With Brazilian Portuguese

How to Understand Brazilians

Do you find it hard to understand Brazilians when they speak? In this post, I’ll show you how to improve your listening skills and how to watch Brazilian films to maximise your learning.

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Feature image showing Fernando Nonohay pointing at the verbs ser and estar


Confused about when to use ser and estar? Both mean ‘to be’, but in this post you learn the key differences between them.

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