Hi, I’m Fernando Nonohay. I’ve created FWBP to help learners to communicate more effectively and get fluent faster. Learning a language shouldn’t be a chore – it should be fun and exciting!

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  • Learn the 5 most common mistakes in Brazilian Portuguese and how to avoid them.
  • Fun tongue-twister challenges.
  • Brazilian songs to sing along to and practice the sounds covered in each lesson (with original lyrics and English translation).
  • Pronunciation of consonants
  • Vowel sounds
  • Oral Diphthongs/Tripthongs
  • Nasal vowel sonds
  • Nasal dipthongs/tripthongs
  • Spelling and pronunciation
  • Word final consonants
  • Learn the most common phrases and structures used by Brazilians in everyday situations
  • Learn the most common sounds in Portuguese and the pronunciation tricks you need to speak with more confidence
  • Learn how Brazilians speak in real life
  • Question Area
  • Study from home or your office via webcam
  • Fully customised lessons
  • Real-time learning experience
  • Feedback notes sent after each lesson
  • Free Demo Lesson


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