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Tv Pirata – Aeromoça

One of my favourite Brazilian TV comedy shows of the late 80s was called TV Pirata (Pirate TV) and the clip below still makes me laugh: a needy air stewardess, played by Regina  Casé, who says goodbye to passengers as if they’re leaving her dinner party. She becomes very upset when they all start leaving.

I like this video, not only because Regina Casé is hilarious, but it’s also great to use in class to study expressions Brazilians use when saying goodbye to guests.

Boa noite, então. = Good night, then.
O Senhor já tá indo?You’re going, already?
(“O senhor” here is the formal treatment, replacing the more informal “você”.)
Volta sempre.Come back soon. (literally: Come back always).
A gente se vê. = We’ll see each other soon. (“A gente” means “the people”, but Brazilians very often we use it as a pronoun substitute for “nós” (we). Grammatically, when it comes to conjugating a verb, it takes the third-person singular form.
Ex: Nós falamos português. / A gente fala português. (Both sentences mean “We speak Portuguese”).
Até logo. = So long. (literally: “until later”).

Que bom que você veio. = How good of you to have come.
Já vai? = Going already?
Que pena! = What a pity/shame!
Fica!  = Stay!
É cedo ainda! = It’s still early!
Não querem mais um chá, café, leite, refrigerante? = Don’t you want another tea, coffee, milk, soft drink?

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