Tempos Modernos

I recently asked a friend of mine, Ana, if she would like to translate a Brazilian song for the blog. And I’m happy she accepted the challenge! She chose one of her favourite Brazilian songs, by Lulu Santos, called Tempos Modernos, originally released in 1982, but still played in radio stations to this day.

The Portuguese used in the song is quite straight-forward, easy to learn. There are a couple of interesting expressions, though, which Ana commented on, and she also highlighted the most challenging parts of the song, in terms of translation and trying to interpret the meaning originally intended by the singer/composer. Do you agree with Ana’s translation? Would you translate anything differently?

Lulu Santos’ official website:

Lulu Santos on wikepedia:


ANA-15Ana Paula Picasso is originally from Sao Paulo / Brazil and has been living in London for over 10 years now. She writes a column for (Ana’s Survival Guide) with tips on accommodation in London. 

She also has a personal blog about her life in London, from a Brazilian perspective, which is about to be relaunched (she’s currently running a survey on her blog about what people would like her to write about).


And here’s the song!

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