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I started learning French a few months ago and I thought it was about time to start practicing it for real with native French speakers. So, this week I decided to try out one of my own recommendations listed on the post “15 Ways to Improve your Portuguese“: to join a Foreign Language Community and find a language buddy. The website I tried is called The Mixxer. After opening a profile I searched for a French speaker who wanted to practice Brazilian Portuguese. To my surprise there were quite a few members listed. I sent a message to a Parisian girl and after she replied we agreed a date and time to meet over Skype. Her Portuguese was very good (she had lived in Brazil for 2 years), but I’d explained to her that my French wasn’t nearly as good! The first half hour we chatted in Portuguese and then for the second half hour I asked her if I could just go through some basic French sentences – questions like “What’s your name?” and “Where do you live?”. I then asked her if I could read aloud the lyrics of a French song that I had downloaded recently so that she could correct my pronunciation and help me translate it. It was a great meeting and we already arranged to meet up again next week. So, if you would like to practice your Portuguese, no matter what level you are, I would definitely recommend an online language community. Even if you are a beginner, you can ask your language buddy to just go over some basic sentences to practice your pronunciation. You can also use an online whiteboard, like scribblar to make things more exciting and interactive.
Here are some suggestions of online language communities:
The Mixxer
Boa sorte!

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