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Fun with Brazilian Portuguese will teach you the structures and vocabulary you need to know to be able to communicate in practical situations in Brazil. You will learn the tricks to speak in a more natural and confident manner and also how to understand how Brazilians really speak in day-to-day colloquial conversation.

Sample Lesson: Greetings

What students are saying about the course:

You know what? I am having fun! This course is a fantastic introduction to Brazilian Portuguese and is a useful tool for those wanting to learn the basics for the purposes of going on holiday to Brazil or for those wanting to try learning a language. It also serves as an effective precursor to those wanting to take Brazilian Portuguese further. Whilst it’s a good stand alone introductory course in its own right, it’s consolidating and refreshing what i’m doing in my private lessons (with Fernando) also. It’s good value for money and it is cohesive, allowing the learner to go at their own pace and progress easily. The audio and visuals are clear and engaging. Highly recommendable! Russell R.

This method is very impressive and very effective. There is just the right amount of grammar and phonetics that one needs to learn and progress in Brazilian Portuguese. The lessons are not too long, not too short – just the right length. Most importantly, they cover the basic situations one needs to master to become functional in Brazil. Each lecture comes with provide the student with a useful reference on relevant grammar, basic terminology, and cultural commentaries where apprpriate. I have used Mr. Nonohay’s services before, and I know that with him, clients can count on quality and timely feedback. I fully recommend this course to anyone interested in learning or developing skills in Brazilian Portuguese. J.F. Carle (Canada)

I have looked on this course as a sort of revision exercise for me and I was happy I did it. The lesson are very well prepared and teachers clearly explains the rules and language customs, so you feel like you learning the real language and not just the grammar rules. I liked the graphic design. I think it is a fantastic tool ideally for someone who hasn`t got any knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and who would like to start learning the language or travel to Brazil. Lukas S.

With clear detailed explanations this course is a delight to work through. Each topic concludes with a pronunciation practice which is particularly helpful. All in all, an extremely well structured and implemented course; an extremely accessible introduction to the Portuguese language as spoken in Brazil. Larry N.

Thank you for preparing the Fun with Brazilian Portuguese course. The biggest problem I’ve had with Portuguese is the pronunciation. Being able to improve my listening, pronunciation and grammar while watching the videos is amazing. Everything is very simple, and easy to understand. Also, it is very nice to be able to read the questions asked and your answers to learn more about grammar topics. Muito obrigado! Abraços, Kerem S.

It’s great value for money,makes you wanna go to Brasil or Portugal to test what you’ve learnt so far for real! Muito obrigada! Ralica D

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