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I’ve already written on how you can practice your Portuguese by watching Brazilian films and soap operas. Another great listening activity that you can do is to listen to Brazilian radio stations online.

Below are just a few that you can try and the last two, and are actually portals listing hundreds of Brazilian radio stations that you can listen to online.

Do you already listen to Brazilian radio as a way to practice your Portuguese? If so, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear which ones you listen to and recommend. Do you have a learning strategy while listening to them, or do you just play them in the background while doing other things?

CBN – CENTRAL BRASILEIRA DE NOTÍCIAS  (Brazilian Central News) – On the home page, where it says ‘Selecione a Praça’, you can select the state (São Paulo – SP, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brasília – BSB or Belo Horizonte – BH) and then click on ‘no ar’ to listen to it live.
MPB BRASIL – This radio station only plays MPB (Música Popular Brasileira – Brazilian Popular Music). On the home page click on the blue box on the right that says ‘Ouça Ao Vivo’, to listen to it live.
ITAPEMA FM – This radio station targets a more adult audience, by playing good quality Brazilian and International music. On the home page click on ‘Ouça a rádio ao vivo’
GAÚCHA – News orientated station based in Porto Alegre. I recommend the news programme ‘Atualidade’, Mon to Fri (8:10 to 9:30 am, Brazil time) which has amongst its presenters, Carolina Bahia, a friend of mine from university! On the home page click on the button ‘Escute a rádio AO VIVO’.
ATLÂNTIDA – Based in Porto Alegre, Atlântida FM plays contemporary Brazilian and International music, geared towards a young audience. On the main page click on the link ‘ouça a rádio ao vivo’.
RADIOS.COM. BR – A portal with links to hundreds of Brazilian radio stations.You can click on any of the 16 main categories to get a list of radio stations. There is also a search facility by word, city and state.
MELHORES RÁDIOS – Another radio stations portal. Great if you’re looking for radio stations from a particular Brazilian State. On the home page you will find a big map of Brazil and you can click on any of the states to get a list of radio stations.


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