Chocolate – Marisa Monte

Chocolate – Marisa Monte
This is a great song written by Tim Maia, performed here by Marisa Monte – from her fantastic debut album MM (1989). If you would like to find our more about her, click here for her official website (in English).

The verbs worth mentioning are:
querer = to want (Eu só quero chocolate = I just want chocolate)
adiantar = One of the more basic meanings of this verb is “to move forward”, “to advance” (Eu vou adiantar o relógio = I’ll set the clock ahead). But in the song this verb is used as “there is no point”, “there is no use” – “Não adianta vir com guaraná pra mim…” (literally: “there is no use coming towards me with a Guaraná”, as in “There is no point offering me Guaraná”.)
It’s also used in the incidental song (É proibido fumar), towards the end, in the line “Mas não adianta o cartaz olhar…”, again, with the same meaning of “there’s no use” (“But there is no use looking at the sign…”).
ligar: The line “Eu me liguei no chocoloate” – could literally be translated as “I linked myself to chocolate” – but here it has a stronger meaning than that – it could be translated as “to be hooked on”, “to be addicted to”.
Some other meanings of ligar, from Michaelis UOL dictionary:
vt+vpr 1 to tie, bind, fasten. 2 to bandage. 3 to attach, fix. 4 to link, connect. 5 to alloy, amalgamate (metals). 6 to switch (turn) on (electric appliances). ligue o rádio! / turn on the radio! 7 Anat to ligate. 8 to pay attention to, attach importance to. ela não liga para o namorado / she doesn’t care at all for her boyfriend. 9 Mús to slur. 10 ligar-se a) to league, confederate, associate. b) to join, unite. c) to combine with. ligar o ferro elétrico (na tomada) to plug in the electric iron. ligue para o meu escritório telephone to my office, call me up at my office. não consegui ligar para ela, o telefone estava sempre ocupado I couldn’t get through to her, the phone was always busy. por favor, ligue-me com… please put me through to…
Oh and for those who haven’t tried Guaraná soft drink –  you don’t know what you’re missing!
I hope you enjoy the song. 

*Incidental song:
É Proibido Fumar (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)

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