Aquele abraço!

Did you watch the Closing Ceremoy of the 2012 Olympic Games? What did you think of the eight-minute segment showcasing Rio? To me, the highlight was Marisa Monte and Seu Jorge singing “Aquele Abraço”. The song was written by Gilberto Gil in 1969 when he was living in London, in exile, during the worst years of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil. There are a lot of cultural references in the song, which I tried to explain in the translation. Just under the lyrics I included some links if you want to read more about each of the cultural references.

I found the video below on youtube, it’s the original version sung by Gilberto Gil and apparently the video features footage of Rio in 1968!

Gilberto Gil: official site

Marisa Monteofficial site

Seu Jorge: official site

Aquele abraço

Chacrinha: wikipedia / There are lots of clips from his show on youtube as well!

Banda de Ipanema: wikipedia

Realengo: wikipedia

Portela: wikipedia

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