How to improve your Portuguese

1 – Read online Brazilian Magazines and Newspapers. Even if you are a beginner there will still be words that you will recognise and sentences you will be able to understand. Click here for a  few ideas.
2 – Use Lingro to read online articles in Portuguese. It makes all the words of the article clickable and when you click on them a small window opens on the same page with the definition. It also saves a list of the words you clicked on so that you can review them later. Click here for a video-tutorial I made a few weeks ago.
3. Download a Portuguese language application for your phone/tablet. Click here for my recent post with my review of some of them
4 – Watch Brazilian filmsHere is a list of 10 films that I recommend.
5 – Play a game on Lyrics TrainingHere is a video-tutorial I made a while back. It also lists links to all the songs I have uploaded on that website so far.
6 – Learn a Brazilian song with Lyrics Translate.
7 – Watch interviews with Brazilian Portuguese native speakers on Canal Londres TV.
 8 – Join a foreign language community and Find a Brazilian online buddy – here are a few websites: The mixxerexchangealanguage.comconversationexchange.commylanguageexchange.com.
9 – Join a Brazilian Portuguese Meetup Group in your city.
10- “Like” Fun with Brazilian Portuguese on Facebook. 
11 – Read previous posts on this blog and subscribe it to the newsletter. You will then receive a notification every time a new post is published.
 12 – Watch a Brazilian soap opera.
 13 – Listen to online Brazilian radio stations.
14 – Visit Brazil! There’s no better way to practice your Brazilian Portuguese!
Any other suggestions to add to the list? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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