10 Online Brazilian Newspapers and Magazines

A lot of students ask me to recommend websites in Portuguese so I decided to compile a list here of the ones that, in my opinion, are quite good for reading practice.
A good way to make the most of an internet article for language learning is to use it with, which is an amazing website that makes the words on any specific webpage “clickable”. Here’s what you have to do: 
  1. Find an article in Portuguese that you would like to read and copy its URL address.
  2. Go to and at the top of the page paste the URL address and select the language combination you want.
  3. Click on the blue arrow next to the language selection. Lingro will then load the page you want to read. Once that’s done, every word on the page will be clickable.Click on a word you don’t know and a pop-up window appears with the meaning. Here’s what it looks like (I’d clicked on the word “rua”):

        Once you’ve opened an account with them, Lingro keeps track of all of the words you look up and maintains a list of all of the sentences that the words appeared in. You can also play the flashcard game to review and test yourself on the words you had previously looked up.

Here’s my selection of 10 online newspapers and magazines in Brazilian Portuguese:

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